dobson4.jpgA day after denouncing John McCain, Focus on the Family’s James Dobson said today he’d be willing to vote for Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney. From Focus on the Family Action’s daily CitizenLink email update:

Around noon today, Dr. Dobson talked to national talk-show host Dennis Prager. While he made it clear he was not endorsing anyone, he did say he would vote for former Gov. Mitt Romney — a Mormon — if he wins the Republican nomination:
“My theology is very, very different, obviously, and I would not find myself in agreement with the ways he sees Scripture, and, of course, their own interpretation and extension of Scripture. I’m not in any way minimizing that; it’s a very important issue.
“I think we’re facing such a point of crisis in our country, that we’re going to have to have the strongest leadership we can. And I think I could deal with that in the polling booth.”

God-o-Meter knows this probably matters little for the primary race, as McCain continues lunging toward the Republican nomination. But November is a different story.


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