At a rally in Steubenville, Ohio last night, Bill Clinton shouted down a gaggle of pro-life hecklers. Yes, Clinton challenged the pro-live movement’s position for criminalizing doctors and expectant mothers. But he also claimed to be more pro-life than them, arguing that his policies as president actually helped reduce demand for abortion. That line of argument, and the fact that the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody writes today in defense of Clinton, explains God-o-Meter’s decision to leave Clinton’s GOM reading unchanged.Who would have thought a CBN correspondent would play the role of Clinton apologist? This is what can happen when Democratic candidates take the dramatic step of returning phone calls from the Christian media. Here’s Brody:

I know this is a sensitive issue on both sides. But let me offer a few observations. First of all, I get a little sick and tired of protesters on both sides interrupting speeches and rallies just so they can make their point. I know, I know. It makes for great TV and it’s a free country, blah, blah, blah. In this case with Bill Clinton, you may not agree with him on abortion but take it outside. The people there came to hear him speak about pressing campaign issues. The abortion issue is very important but to interrupt someone like that is just plain rude….On the abortion issue itself, look, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others want to find ways to reduce abortion as well. They just have a different way to go about it. I know that doesn’t satisfy pro-lifers but it is what it is.I think the pro-lifers make a compelling case that more needs to be done in this area and there is a group called Third Way working to bring both sides together. Slow progress is being made within Democratic circles so as not to be so polarizing on this issue.


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