February 2008 Archives

In 2004, a handful of Catholic bishops publicly bashed John Kerry for being pro-choice. That no doubt contributed to Kerry’s loss of the Catholic vote, despite his own Catholicism. Democrats took note. So in 2008, a high-ranking Catholic Democratic National […]

The Tennessee Republican Party issued a press release on Monday questioning Barack Obama’s support for Israel. What made headlines, tough, was that the release used Obama’s middle name and the Drudge Report photo of Obama in traditional Muslim garb. After […]

So far as God-o-Meter can tell, this is the first we’ve heard about the controversy over using Barack Obama’s middle name from someone named Obama: at a rally in Canton, Ohio, Michelle Obama called it the “fear bomb.” The Chicago […]

It’s just one line in Hillary Clinton’s new Ohio ad, but it caught God-o-Meter because the person voicing it, Buckeye State Governor Ted Strickland, is an ordained Methodist minister: I think she’s a person of deep faith .Is it Huckabee’s […]

Knowing that he’s one of his party’s leading advocates for appealing to evangelicals and other religious conservatives, God-o-Meter was somewhat surprised to hear Barack Obama answer a question about one of his regrets by saying he should have done more […]

Yesterday, John McCain received the endorsement of the prominent San Antonio-based Christian evangelist/Zionist John Hagee, an important get in a state where Mike Huckabee threatens to take major evangelical support in next week’s primary. So why isn’t God-o-Meter’s needle going […]

As if God-o-Meter needed more evidence that Democrats are embracing the faith organizing tactics of the GOP, it reads today that the IRS is investigating the United Church of Christ for possibly violating its rules against church politicking by featuring […]

A document titled “Obama winning the faith vote” just landed in God-o-Meter’s inbox, courtesy of the Obama camp’s faith outreach director. God-o-Meter wonders whether this might be a case of deceptive labeling. What appeared to be Obama’s early advantage among […]

Hillary Clinton tried to out-distance Barack Obama from anti-Semitism in last night’s debate, noting that when she was endorsed by an anti-Semitic fringe party in New York, she rejected its support, while Obama has denounced Louis Farrakhan in more surgical […]

John McCain yesterday repudiated a conservative talk radio host who introduced the presumptive Republican nominee at a Cincinnati rally by taking a few swipes at Obama’s middle name. The New York Times captured the scene: Bill Cunningham, who hosts “The […]