tate.jpgAnother member of the Christian Right elite for Mitt Romney. From the campaign’s press release announcing the endorsement of former Christian Coalition executive director Randy Tate:

“In his four years as Governor of Massachusetts, I was impressed by Mitt Romney’s willingness to take and defend conservative positions on pro-family and pro-growth issues. As President, I believe that Governor Romney will govern as a conservative committed to defeating the Jihadist threat, strengthening the family, uplifting the culture, and expanding the economy through free-market principles,” said Tate.

Tate headed Christian Coalition for two years in the wake of Ralph Reed’s 1997 departure. The Romney press release says that “During his time as head of the Coalition, membership increased by over 200,000.” God-o-Meter has a hard time believing this, since the Coalition collapsed after Reed’s departure and is now a pale shadow of its once mighty self.


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