December 2007 Archives

Today’s Washington Post story about Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney attending services yesterday in their respective churches includes this key line about Huckabee’s preacher strategy: On Friday, three national religious leaders backing Huckabee — Tim LaHaye, Michael Farris and Rick […]

Launching a new “Catholics for McCain” group and rolling out new leadership for his “Iowans of Faith for McCain” group last week, broadcasting a television ad about bonding with a prison guard over a cross as a POW, and airing […]

Mitt Romney today announced the endorsement of Robert Wolgemuth, an evangelical best-selling author and former chairman of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. God-o-Meter wonders how many other evangelical endorsements the Romney camp has in its pocket to announce in the […]

Shortly after announcing its new Catholics for McCain effort yesterday, the McCain campaign unveiled new leadership for its Iowans of Faith for McCain coalition. It’s more evidence that McCain is seeking to expand his second wind in New Hampshire on […]

Can’t-believe-he’s-still-running candidate Christopher Dodd stars in a Christian Science Monitor faith and values profile that has him talking more than usual about his Catholicism’s influence on his life. Indeed, the influence is so deep that God-o-Meter is surprised he doesn’t […]

John McCain today announced a new coalition of Catholic supporters headed by some big names, including Kansas Senator/former presidential candidate Sam Brownback and former Kansas Governor Frank Keating. From today’s press release: ….Former Governor Frank Keating (R-OK), also National Co-Chair […]

God-o-Meter just stumbled on this story from last week about Fred Thompson overstating his conservative Christian support by inflating the heft of a group called the Wesleyan Center for Strategic Studies (whose web site now appears to be down). God-o-Meter […]

Back in the 1990s, the Christian Coalition was known as an “invisible army” for its ability to go undetected by the news media until delivering dramatic GOP victories on Election Day, including 1994’s Republican Revolution. The Dallas Morning News’ Wayne […]

The Associated Press reports that two black South Carolina ministers whom Barack Obama said had endorsed him say they never agreed to do so: Two black South Carolina ministers listed by Barack Obama’s campaign as endorsing his White House bid […]

It’s one thing for lefty atheists to ring alarm bells about Mike Huckabee’s use of religion in his presidential campaign. It’s quite another for a conservative evangelical former member of the Bush administration to do so. Peter Wehner, a longtime […]