November 2007 Archives

Who woulda thunk it? The woman whose presidential run has driven some Christian Right activists into the arms of Rudy Giuliani appeared yesterday at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church–and received a standing ovation. The occasion was Saddleback’s annual Global Summit on […]

A new TV ad that begins airing in Iowa and New Hampshire this weekend showcases Mitt Romneys’ past pro-choice views, further complicated his attempts to shore up conservative Christian support. Republican rivals Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee have also stepped […]

Were you, like God-o-Meter, wondering why Mitt Romney appeared to be tripped up by a question about whether every word in the Bible is true during Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate? The New York Times Caucus Blog sheds some light […]

As outside pressure mounts on Mitt Romney to deliver a “Mormon speech” in the style of John F. Kennedy’s 1960 address on his Catholicism, the Romney campaign has reached an internal decision to delay such a speech at least until […]

Mike Huckabee continues to rack up Christian Right endorsements. The latest comes from Jerry Falwell, Jr.. MNSBC’s First Read has the details, including this: Falwell was not expecting to endorse Huckabee today, but when put on the spot, he did. […]

God-o-Meter is surprised that this story hasn’t gotten more pick-up: A group of 60 pastors, almost all of them African American, shared a stage with Hillary Clinton in Spartanburg, South Carolina yesterday, apparently offering their endorsements (video of the event […]

Asked a “What Would Jesus Do” question about the death penalty at last night’s presidential debate, Mike Huckabee explained that overseeing executions was his toughest job as Arkansas governor, then delivered one of the most memorable lines of the evening: […]

Add Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, a Romney supporter and fellow Mormon, to the list of those urging the former Massachusetts governor to deliver a “Mormon speech.” The AP has these quotes from Hatch, given in an interview after the Senator’s […]

In an interview with the Washington Times, Mitt Romney says his faith is part of America’s Judeo-Christian tradition: “I think as people come to know my faith they’ll recognize that the values of my faith are — they very much […]

John Edwards is the latest White House aspirant to appear on the Christian Broadcasting Network, prompting God-o-Meter to wonder if CBN has supplanted Air America as a popular venue for Democrats. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Christian ministers supporting Hillary […]