October 2007 Archives

God-o-Meter joked earlier about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton trying to out-church one another, but now that actually appears to be happening. Just as Obama is winding down his “40 days of Faith and Family” tour of South Carolina, the […]

Culture warrior Gary Bauer seems to throw down the gauntlet on Rudy Giuliani in this morning’s Politico, claiming that A) Giuliani’s rightward shift on abortion is a flip-flop and B) he needs to do a lot more to improve his […]

Rudy Giuliani may not be courting conservative evangelical activists like James Dobson or Tony Perkins, but he is reaching out to the religious conservatives in the GOP presidential pack. Days after sitting down for a long talk with ex-candidate Sam […]

Bloomberg today does Mitt Romney the service of inventorying the various and sundry advice he’s being offered how to handle his Mormonism so as to maximize support from wary evangelical voters. The weightiest quote–and the reason his God-o-Meter rating is […]

In a speech delivered today from St. Anselm’s College in New Hampshire, John Edwards laid into Hillary Clinton and claimed the moral high ground–literally. By refusing to decline corporate contributions like he has, Edwards said that Clinton as president would […]

John McCain just announced an endorsement from a prominent Michican pro-life activist who’d been affiliated with Sam Brownback’s campaign. It’s not enough to boost his God-o-Meter rating–and even with Michigan’s super-early January 15 primary, it’s not clear that winning the […]

A recent column in The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes that Hillary Clinton recieved a rousing reception at a little-noticed visit to a black megachurch in West Las Vegas: After waking between 2,000-thread-count sheets at the Four Seasons, Clinton attended services […]

Is it just God-o-Meter that thinks Hillary and Obama are trying to out-church each other in South Carolina, with Clinton particularly nervous about Obama’s aggressive outreach in black churches? Just as the Obama camp is staging its controversial “gospel tour,” […]

After his lengthy meeting yesterday with Rudy Giuliani in his Senate office, Sam Brownback appears to be warming even more to the ex-Mayor, reports Politico: Standing just outside his Senate office suite next to Giuliani, Brownback, an ardent abortion opponent, […]

Sam Brownback wasn’t much of a presidential candidate, failing to shore up even the social conservatives who are his natural base, but his endorsement would be a jewel Rudy Giuliani’s crown. The Kansas senator would instantly become the highest-profile religious […]