September 2007 Archives

Watching Beliefnet’s exclusive John McCain video, God-o-Meter finds it perplexing that the Arizona senator has long been a scourge of the Religious Right. After all, McCain told Beliefnet that the “Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian […]

Given all God-o-Meter has read about Hillary’s religious life–is there a politician besides George W. Bush whose piety has been better documented?–it was understandably dumbstruck by a recent poll showing that she’s seen as the least religious presidential frontrunner. Today, […]

Maybe God-o-Meter’s just temperamental. Last week, its Fred Thompson needle hit a new low after a leaked email revealed that Christian Right titan James Dobson has ruled out supporting him. Today, Thompson’s needle is back up to 5. But God-o-Meter […]

Yes, God-o-Meter realizes the headline from yesterday’s straw poll among conservative evangelical activists in South Carolina is that Mike Huckabee won. God-o-Meter was more taken, however, by Ron Paul’s commanding second-place finish, collecting 179 votes out of roughly 600 cast—well […]

Watching the giddiness of top-tier Christian Right leaders for Fred Thompson steadily wane in the two weeks since he officially entered the race, God-o-Meter’s needle has ticked further downward with each passing day. This morning, with news of a leaked […]

Even if just showing up is 80-percent of success, God-o-Meter was nonetheless surprised that Mike Huckabee won 62-percent support in a straw poll of religious conservatives taken in conjunction with last night’s Values Voters debate (video here) in Florida. Sure, […]

Who was it that predicted a few weeks ago that a ruling by a Polk County, Iowa judge would turn into a gift for Mitt Romney? Oh, right—that was God-o-Meter! Romney is out with a new radio ad in Iowa […]

After trailing him in last month’s Ames straw poll and failing to get anywhere near the media attention, Sam Brownback is still beating up Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist preacher, for being insufficiently conservative on social issues. In a release […]

Is it just coincidence that John McCain waits till his presidential bid is ailing and till he’s in evangelical-rich and electorally important South Carolina to correct the long-held impression that he’s Episcopal by insisting that he’s Baptist? God-o-Meter says: unlikely. […]

With the avalanche of stories about Romney’s so-called Mormon problem, God-o-Meter almost forgot that being an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also has benefits for White House aspirants. After all, Romney has raised more […]