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In 2004, the Massachusetts Supreme Court gave President Bush a gift by making the Bay State the first to legalize gay marriage; The ruling enraged social conservatives nationwide and led to a wave of state ballot initiatives to ban gay […]

Could advocating divestment in Iran be Obama’s way of making nice to a Jewish constituency that he’s hit some bumps with (watch video), as The Jewish Week speculates? Could be. But God-o-Meter suspects it’s just as likely that toughening up […]

Fred Thompson has been beat up for giving the impression that he’s an infrequent churchgoer and none-too-devout (including by Focus on the Family founder James Dobson), but now his old pastor is coming to his defense. Andy Brown, Thompson’s childhood […]

For a candidate who winces at getting asked all the “values” questions during the debates, God-o-Meter notes that Huckabee sure has a knack for using values to carve out his niche in the GOP field. When it comes to Mitt […]

Huckabee knocking Romney’s evolving stances on values issues like abortion rights is nothing new, but comparing him to the flip-flopping John Kerry in an interview with CBN’s David Brody is. The question is whether Huckabee’s latest salvo says more about […]

Previous God-o-Meter reading: 6. Romney attracted some tut-tutting from the news media last week for telling a newspaper columnist he’d let states decide on whether to ban abortion—the practical effect of overturning Roe v. Wade—just a couple weeks after voicing […]

Given that Larry Craig was Romney’s co-liaison to the U.S. Senate and chairman of his Idaho effort, God-o-Meter would think it difficult for him to score political points from the disclosure that the Idaho senator pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges […]

On its face, the central argument of today’s Washington Post story on Edwards makes some sense: “he is the sole Southern Democrat and cultural conservative in the Democratic presidential field, making him the only top-tier candidate in his party who […]

Like he does in his new memoir Promises to Keep, Biden dishes to The Christian Science Monitor about how his Catholic upbringing shaped his worldview and politics, in contrast to the religious reticence shown by a certain Catholic Democratic nominee […]

Having participated in a Boston College forum on Catholicism and public policy (video here) and with a forthcoming book on his father’s stint as a lawyer at Nuremberg, God-o-Meter would think Chris Dodd had cornered the market on moral values. […]