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An excerpt from Secrets of the World Class:  Turning Mediocrity into Greatness by Steve Siebold

While average performers are timid and lack confidence in their own judgment, champions are known for their ability to make decisions, especially under pressure. The difference is courage and confidence. Even the best leaders are uncertain about their decisions in an environment of unprecedented change. The difference is their willingness to make a decision and take full responsibility for the outcome.

Amateur performers habitually play not to lose and procrastinate because they fear making a mistake. The great ones know mistakes will be made and can be corrected. Their willingness to assume full responsibility for their decisions eliminates the need to gather more input than is absolutely necessary. Developing a sound decision-making process, while understanding every decision is somewhat a gamble, is the foundation of superior leadership. Professional performers can lead people and organizations effectively under such high-pressure constraints because they possess the self-trust necessary to make decisions without fear. Generally speaking, the higher the leadership position, the greater and the deeper the leader’s self-trust must be. Courage, self-trust and the willingness to assume full responsibility for the outcomes of their decisions are mandatory traits of competent and effective leaders.

Action Step for Today:

Take a decision you have been putting off for a while and decide on a course of action within the next 24 hours.

Decision-making skills are like muscles: they can only be built through use.

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