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The following is from Dreams are Whispers From the Soul by Marcia Wieder

Big dreams get stalled, fail or even die when we put them on a to-do list. You can’t put write a book or move to a new home on an action list. I once saw “have a baby,” on a woman’s list. When I lightly suggested there were probably a few prerequisites required, she blushed.

Accomplish big and long term dreams by breaking them down into projects that you are passionate about achieving. Remember the old proverb, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Similarly, big dreams need to be broken down into smaller projects.

Projects, like goals, have a definite end result that you will intend to reach by a certain date. I recommend you create projects that can easily be completed in one month or less. Why? We are motivated by results and a month is a long enough period of time where you can produce a substantial outcome while still keeping your passion ignited.

All projects should:

Be specific and measurable. Move you forward on your dream.Be easy to accomplish in one month or less.Be something you are passionate about.

Feel what you love (passion) and what you want (dreams) and then turn them into goals and projects. But, if you move too quickly to strategy, you may compromise before you fully explore all possibilities. Act on what’s important to you and demonstrate that you are committed to your dream by taking powerful steps today.

In One Fell Swoop

Aligned with your purpose, there is often overlap on your projects. This means as you check off one activity, you may progress on many dreams simultaneously. For example, I traded speaking to the guests at the Red Mountain Spa for a retreat for two. With one phone call, I moved ahead on my dreams to: live a spa life, have more fun and adventure, inspire people to dream, be healthy and fit, and travel in style and elegance, with the man I love.

“Passionate living is when we align our head and heart through action.”

Marcia Wieder

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