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Reader Appeal: Students, Small Group Leaders, Sunday School Teachers Genre: Bible Reference FBSN Rating: A   Full disclosure first: I’m a total fan of Stephen Miller. I own several of his Bible reference books because I always find his work […]

Reader Appeal: Pastors, Students, Nerds Genre: Bible Reference FBSN Rating: A   Don’t be deceived by the “pocket” size of George Knight’s book, The Illustrated Guide to Bible Customs and Curiosities. Sure, it looks small compared to the thick commentaries […]

Reader Appeal: Pastors, Small Group Leaders Genre: Bible Commentary / Sermons FBSN Rating: B+   When S. Lewis Johnson was a college man in the 1930s, he had little interest in God, let alone in preaching the Bible. All he […]

Reader Appeal: Bible Students, Pastors, Pew-Sitters Genre: Christian History FBSN Rating: A   It’s rare to find a book that could appeal to both a Bible Study Nerd and the average pew-sitter, but Alton Gansky has made one anyway. 30 […]

Who is the “prince of demons” referenced in Matthew 9:34? Jesus’ enemies were pretty familiar with that guy—so much so that they felt confident accusing Christ of being his evil pawn. So who were they talking about? The “prince of […]

“Do you believe that I am able to do this?” Jesus is recorded asking two blind men in Matthew 9:27-30. When they responded, “Yes Lord,” he said, “According to your faith will it be done for you.” And their sight […]

Was Jesus Christ really just a shaman, a secretive sorcerer healing people with magic tricks and demonic help? That’s what many of his enemies believed, and continued to believe for hundreds of years. In ancient Jewish society, demons were credited […]

Reader Appeal: Small Group Leaders Genre: Bible Studies FBSN Rating: A   OK, yes, I’m talking about my own book in today’s column, so if that offends you feel free to skip to the next column. But this is the […]

Reader Appeal: Pastors, Teachers, Small Group Leaders Genre: Bible Commentary FBSN Rating: B+   The Holman Apologetic Commentary on the Bible series is unique in that its main focus is not verse by verse exposition of the Scriptures. In fact, […]

Reader Appeal: Pastors, Teachers, Pew-Sitters Genre: Christian Living FBSN Rating: A   Guest Columnist – Jill Wuellner Have you ever read a story from the Bible and let the depth of it slip from your fingers? Missed some of the […]