So it turns out that N.T. Wright gets almost as irritated as I do when people say “Revelations” and not “Revelation” to refer to the final book of the New Testament. I’m always delighted to be joined in my pedantry, so . . . thanks, Bishop!

That’s one of the many tidbits I learned in co-interviewing Bishop Wright for this month’s WJK Radio podcast. He has a couple of new books out this fall, including Revelation for Everyone and The Early Christian Letters for Everyone. Find out why he calls the Book of Jude “Judah” (I had a momentary panic when I saw that in the page proofs, thinking we’d missed a typo, but it turns out he has an excellent reason for that spelling). You can also hear a moving account of why he thinks 1 and 2 Peter remain relevant and important for readers today, who may not face the same situation of persecution but certainly know what suffering looks and feels like.

It was a great honor to talk with him. One question I didn’t get a satisfactory answer to is one that came through on Facebook shortly before the interview: how does he find time to do it all? I’m not sure how many books he has coming out this year alone, but it’s enough to make the rest of us feel frightfully lazy.

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