And it’s no fair to say “turkey.”


I’m talking side dishes, pies, gravies, stuffings, casseroles, the works. Or, if you have nontraditional or international foods at the table, let us know.

What are the favorite foods that you look forward to all year?

It’s a toss-up for me between my mother-in-law’s incredible potato rolls, which I’ve never been able to equal, and sweet potatoes with lots of brown sugar and butter and yes, I admit it, even mini-marshmallows on top. Hey, you don’t mess with tradition.

Here’s the recipe for the corn casserole I make every year at Thanksgiving and for random potlucks. It’s from the Fried Green Tomatoes cookbook by Fannie Flagg. Every recipe has approximately one gallon of butter, which is obligatory for a Southern cookbook.

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