384866837_1c53973f4a.jpgWe have a short Twible post this week as I’ve been on vacation …. This week’s Twible entries showcase Solomon’s increasing decadence and life of luxury. Since I’m just coming back from a lovely warm island where I’ve eaten ridiculously good food and enjoyed time with extended family, it would probably be unbecoming of me to engage in my usual criticism of Solomon for his growing sybaritic tendencies. So I’ll refrain from noting the excess and human exploitation that marked Solomon’s term in office, especially the latter years. Actually, I just did note it, didn’t I? I have no filter.

Maybe one thing for all of us failed saints here at Flunking Sainthood to ponder in these chapters is: how much is too much? Is it OK to enjoy a comfortable vacation, or does that put you on a slippery moral slope until you suddenly find yourself with 1,000 wives and concubines and an army of conscripted slaves to do your bidding? How do we know when we have more than enough? How do we avoid living at the expense of other people?

Sat 8/7
#Twible 1 Kgs 7: Solomon deforests Lebanon to build the fanciest palace around, then a temple with pillars so big they have names. Showoff.

Sun 8/8
#Twible 1 Kgs 8: Temple dedication’s a bloodbath: 22K oxen & 120K sheep. Oh man, what’ll be left to eat when Sol’s prayer is finally over?

Mon 8/9
#Twible 1 Kgs 9: Congrats, peon. You’re drafted into Sol’s army. Or you may be one of the slaves who finishes the temple. Lucky you, huh?

Tues 8/10
#Twible 1 Kgs 10: Sol’s a cutthroat arms dealer, supplying the Hittites. Queen of Sheba visits to discuss Iran-Contra trade agreement.

Wed 8/11
#Twible 1 Kgs 11: “Big Love” has nothing on Sol, who keeps 700 princesses & 300 concubines. Remind him whose night it is, again?

Thurs 8/12
#Twible 1 Kgs 12: Uh oh, kingdom’s divided. Sol’s son Rehoboam’s king of S & Jeroboam’s king of N. Both break out BIG bottles of champagne.

Fri 8/13
#Twible 1 Kgs 13: Jeroboam sets up DIY altar in N. People love the golden calf, but G’s not so crazy about it. Puts Jero on the naughty list.

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