Flower Mandalas

Pink Fall Rose I
Rose Wearing Ragged
wearing ragged
round the edges, your petals
dingy, brown
mottled and pocked,
do not grieve your lost
beauty and perfection
for truly your sullied shell
your outer ring of decay
and death is soon to be
whirled away by the wind and
wrenched to the ground by the rain.
fresh petals
uncurling from
your coiled heart
you will proudly preen,
graciously accept tribute —
renewed in radiance
wholly beautiful
at perfect peace.
As blood flows
from the womb and
tears from the eyes
as the snake sheds
its skin and the
soul its disguise
so all that is
unneeded and outgrown dies;
so all excess
of feeling
of love
of pain
is gathered up
and released
again and again.
by Cynthia Kiteley Lee
About the Author
Cynthia Lee is director of the Mystical Order of the White Rose, an emerging multi-faith cyber-community for people interested in or actively involved with traditional and/or post-modern, new expressions of mysticism, monasticism and contemplative living. Daily Devotionals and profiles of artists and activists are published every two weeks. To request a sample issue of the free newsletter or to contact Lee, send an email to
Contact information:
website: Mystical Order of the White Rose
snail mail: P.O. Box 774, Siloam Springs, AR 72761
phone: 479-228-2716 (CST)
Pink Fall Rose I and Cynthia Lee’s poem
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“Rose Wearing Ragged” copyright 2008 – All Rights Reserved
“Pink Fall Rose I” copyright 2008 – All Rights Reserved

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