I came across and chilling and insightful post by a young blogger named Liz Bernard who writes brilliantly at Portrait of a Dreamer. She discussed her reaction to this story about a man who stepped in when a woman was getting mugged on a street in New York City. The  assailant stabbed the man, who fell to the ground in view of a security camera that then taped more than a dozen people who saw the man – one even taking a photo of him – and walked by. The would-be good Samaritan died on the street before rescue workers arrived on the scene nearly an hour later. Liz’s reflection is compelling and I highly recommend it. In the meantime, what does this story and the other examples of “The Bystander Effect” depicted in this new story say about community and our responsibility to one another in our fast-paced society? What can we do to elevate this from “just another story” to a wake up call? Love to hear your thoughts…

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