Okay, I’ll admit it. I posed a question to my 11 year old son Ian over dinner earlier this week that I cannot answer myself. I didn’t know it at the time. I didn’t know it when I shared the conversation here in a post titled, What Would You Ask Jesus? In fact, I didn’t know it until the comments started coming in and the wonderful, honest and genuine readers of this blog took the question to heart. Whether weighing in here or on Facebook, I was humbled as I read the answers of the sick, the faithful, the curious, the skeptical and the disgusted. I considered plucking out a few examples to illustrate this point on either side of my coming clean about my own inability to conger an answer to this simple yet paradoxically complex question but chose instead to list them here. It’s kind of long, but I think it’s worth it. Feel free to add to the list. As for me, I have some thinking to do…

Pam: I would have so many questions about the state of this
world, but I would be selfish and ask about me. As a cancer survivor, I feel
that I am wasting this life, I have had no great epiphany. I would ask Jesus
what is it he would have me do with the rest of my life. I have been given a
second chance and absolutely nothing has changed.

God’s Servant: It would be a huge blessing to have a chance
to meet my SAVIOR face to face. Although I gave him my life, I still feel that
I would not be purified enough to face his glory. If I do have that chance, I
will ask HIM to allow me to stay next to HIM at all time.

Mark: As with the 11 yr old, I would want to go back in time
and meet my Jesus face to face. Get a big hug from him, be held by him, Sit and
talk with him about how I am living my life and all my shortcomings and how I
can trully get closer to him and serve him and be the man he intended for me to
be. Then maybe go get a quick look at some of the big fallen empires such as
babylon, rome maybe see about alexander the great. But before any of that I
would need to see Jesus first. He must always be first.

TRS: I would ask Jesus nothing for his infinite wisdom is
all around us. What happens to us is all up to us. He will welcome you to
Heaven if you just do the right things that he has taught in the bible. Be
kind,helpful,understanding of each other. God Bless us all it is up to you.

Anon: I would ask him how did we come to be and where did
this thing called existence come from? I am just fascinated by how existence
came into existence?

Kim: If I had the honor of being in the presence of Jesus I
would ask him to show me the way to lead others to understand that lying in any
manner is wrong and that truth is the only acceptable way to love life. I would
also ask that he provide my father in law with the biggest catfish River so he
can spend eternity catching all the biggest catfish that one could imagine. God
please take care of this man who has taken care of so many in his lifetime and
given so much joy to those around him and never asking anything in return. I
love you Pop!!!

Jeanine: If I was granted the previlage of being face to
face with Jesus on earth I would simply ask,” am I living my life the way
you planned and hoped?”

Kathleen: How is my granmother Helen Pocreva and Aunt Joan Pocreva and my grandfather?

Jakebreaker: I’d ask Jesus 3 things: 1 – Why did he lose it
and whip those temple money-changers with nails? He’s a role model. He should
know better than that. 2 – How come he never just flat-out said that it’s wrong
to own another human being? 3 – Why would I follow the teachings of a God who
threatens infinite punishment for finite crimes when he hates you, and who
mutilates infant genitalia without anesthetic when he *likes* you?

Barbara: I would ask him to help me to walk up right and do
what is pleasing and acceptable in his sight daily.

Larry: I would thank him for giving me understanding of
what’s happening today, tomorrow, and all that will happen till he comes. It is
what he will say to us that’s important, I want to hear “well done my good
and faithful servant”

Bill: Hmmm… I would simply ask Jesus what he would have me do
for him. I would be blessed indeed if I could wash his feet and anoint him with
oil. I would feed him a very good meal with family and friends all gathered
’round. What a wondrous and glorious day that would be.         

Anon: I would ask Jesus alot of WHY’s and have him teach me
the reason behind them all. I don’t understand the Bible nor do I understand
what it tries to tell me. I went to several classes on the teachings and got me
more confused then ever as everyone interpets differently. So I would have the
Great Teacher of all teach me the Why’s and What If’s that I have within me.
That is if HE (Jesus ) has the time.

Maria: I would ask the HEAVENLY FATHER to touch and heal my
beloved mother.

Robert: Did you take the day off on September 11, 2001?

Beverly Rodgers: When I was reading about what your son said
about asking Jesus what is the right thing to do? I thought that was a pretty
good question. I think I would ask Him why after I had met and married my
second husband and we enjoyed singing gospel music together and we were just so
happy that he has had to spend the last 4 years in a nursing facility fighting
Alzheimer’s Disease. That is probably what I would ask Him. After my 1st
husband died I vowed that I wouldn’t marry again. Never say never. God showed
me the difference of loving someone and really being in love with someone. For
that I will always be greatful. I am so thankful that we can go to Him even
when we are upset or angry and He continues to love us in spite of everything.
I don’t know what I would do without Him in my life. He has blessed me with a
music ministry which I basically use at church through playing the piano and
singing. I love it more every day. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life

as a lot of people have but I don’t regret a single mile I have traveled for
the Lord. Howard Goodman of the Happy Goodman Family wrote a poem entitled that
and I just loved it and I found it to be true in my life. I am so greatful to
God that we have someone we can go to at any time and He is never too busy.            

Kristy: I would ask Jesus to help me remember that He has
already accomplished the work in us and that we do not need to strive as
Christians. What we do need to do is call on His holy name, and trust only in
Him through the faith that has been given to us that are His.

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