Flight of the Soul

Mels Love Land Let Love Lead the Way (6)A little bending of time and space on the continuum of kindness in our commmunities. A few questions to take a moment and embody.

How am I showing up to be of service?

How are my actions creating an unbroken chain of loving kindness expanding across the multi verses?

What if your only job was to show up and meaningfully take care to be of service to each other’s happiness?

When did having more so others could have less become so important that we forgot how to be of service and spend our resources acting with love.

Maybe today’s the day you have an answer to the questions.

How have you helped someone today? How have you been kinder? Where did you forget you are your neighbor?

To any question, love always remains the answer.

Love, Mel


Melanie Lutz Picture Only Love is RealMel Lutz is a writer living in Los Angeles, CA.

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