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This year for Valentine’s Day we are creating 100 Hearts with the #Make100 project with Kickstarter to surprise people who have lost a loved one and brighten their ❤️ Day morning.  Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a reminder of what we don’t have, our thought is why not make this year a year where you make someone happy with a gift of Love by becoming a Valentine’s Day Angel. We are a connected, loving, wonderful community who know how to extend loving activities.

It started 7 years ago with a crafty and creative bunch who threw a February Love event for Valentine’s deciding to make hearts to give away as a reminder that ‘you are never alone’ and ‘you are always loved.’ It started with making heart candles paired with hand written love notes, a tradition, inspired by my Grandmother, Thelma and her connecting loving angelic heart. That first event was a wonderful success with lots of healing, tears, laughter and of course, love given and received, and because most of us are overachievers we had created extra candle hearts and notes. It was then the idea came through – give away the extra candle hearts and love notes as Secret Valentine’s Day deliveries so when people opened their doors in the morning of Valentine’s day they experienced a message of love!

My neighbors at the time, Shirley and Kaye, where 92 and 88, respectively. Two women who and had lived in, raised children and buried their two husbands in the house they still occupied with their Husbands, two brother’s who owned the neighborhood Pawn Shop, binding Shirley and Kaye together. These two women were awesome. Loving. Beautiful. Bright and even though they were in their Senior years, their wisdom and love was palpable. You could feel the stories and the parties and the dancing and singing and crying and raising of children in the walls of their homes. We would talk of the ghosts of the past and moments of memories about how Shirley’s child had died before her, and how much she missed talking to her husband and Shirley about how proud she was of her Husband and the life they had lived and the Grandchildren who she loved. As expected, it was super easy to place the hearts on their doorsteps and let them discover them on Valentine’s Day. What wasn’t so expected was the tears of joy and remembrance that flowed from them when they realized on this Valentine’s Day they had received a gift of unconditional love. From one heart to another in community. They were overjoyed with love and so happy to have this special grace fall upon their homes. It was clear the joy love factory of all systems love had hit a home run.

Adobe Spark (22)Today, with so much love to go around, we wanted to make 100 Hearts to share with those who have recently lost a loved one. When they open their doors on Valentine’s Day there will be a beautiful loving gift and a reminder we are all connected in the space of our collective heart.

Purchase a gift for someone you do not know. What a great way to celebrate all the love and expansion and heart space the 21st Century has brought us. What a great way to remember it isn’t just love thy neighbor, it is we are our neighbors.

Join us as we celebrate my Grandmother, Thelma, all Our ancestors, and loved ones and the communities we love. If you are interested click here on Kickstarter to join us.

Thank you for joining in, thank you for participating in extending more love and kindness and thank you for your graceful, elegant, loving, abundant, heart.

Lastly, thank you in advance for becoming a secret valentine angel!!

Love, Mel


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