Flight of the Soul

There are always people on the planet who respect blustering violent actions to resolve conflicts. I am not one of them. Sending love and peace and prayers to the planet in our growing state of inter-connectedness. Connection. Remembering and Love is one of our paths forward.

Join me today, wherever you are in active, loving prayers for our Earth family. All beings in love and support and peace, disconnecting from external broadcasts, harmonizing into the deep reserve of co-creative expression that nourishes our eco-systems, that promotes general well being and full of compassion for all our life cycles and passions and processes. May we be called to take action to support and uplift the worlds we inhabit. May we come into soul full alignment, may we experience a new understanding of any circumstances and may we enter into new right relationships with all our beloved community. #Earthwellness #Now Espérance #Justice #Love


Love, Mel

Melanie Lutz Church

Pictured: Courtyard of the Church of Saint-Pierre de Montmartre (one of the oldest surviving churches in Paris) Among other things it holds a relic of Saint Therese de Lisieux (known as the little flower) with these words — “remember your promise to do good on earth, sprinkle your abundance, your shower of roses on those who invoke you, and get us from God the graces we expect in his infinte goodnessm. Amen.”

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