Flight of the Soul

My nephew would bust into every room he entered and say “I have a great idea.” Believe me, not all of his ideas were great.

I applaud his verve and I appreciate and celebrate him, he was born that way and was given the gifts of compassion and empathy and balance to go along with his idea full mind. Thoughts become form. The ends are inherent in the means. You find what you are looking for. Everyone is here for a reason. Each relationship, action, creates an equal and opposite re-action.

Transformation is underway. We are learning the ways of a Trump less world as he showcases all of the people, ideas, energies, systems that are old minded, not of the people and have no concept of joy and love being at the center of all our well being. Fear and loathing, hate and hypocrisy are being revealed for deeper holding, more love and we are experiencing a release into what is possible.


New spaces, where open hearted grace leads the way, where you don’t know everything, where ideas are the soldiers of new joy systems. Where we do not need more, so you have less. Wake into a new now where you can experience yourself, your life, your love, knowing you are powerful beyond measure.


It is a wonderful world, filled with wonderful people and when we meet our fears with an open heart. When we hold space beyond the tyranny and the bombasticness where each of us has the privilege of waking up to what they have been asleep to justice and kindness and love remain. What action are you called to do.


You can imagine someone who has succeeded in building, creating, one kind of business by projecting an image, whose personality has yielded results independent of being of service to anyone other than himself, whose every thought was catered to, who no one said “No” to saying — ‘Hey, the two party system has created alot of poop sandwiches. I could do a better job than those boobs.’ I’ know how to build things. I could build something better than what is going on. I could save the day.’ A person so caught up in his own magnan-ignoramousness that he related sitting in his gold lilted tower yelling back at Fox News claimed as experience that He knows what to do. While it is understandable. It is unacceptable.


Right now. We are given a great opportunity…. To Experience the world without a Trump. Without a greed driven, money centered, patriarchal view of things through a lens of fear.


The blessing of his unmagnanimous life, is the realization without it and him and the thinking that created it and him. The world is really a wonderful place. It really is a wonderful world.

There is something in the air and all of us are being called to help fix what is broken. Yes, we have all contributed to the mess we see. Yes we can all do better than we are doing. There is no doubt a shift is occurring, people are waking up and we are in our connectedness arriving at the mountaintop for deepening our collective heart and stepping forward with a healed world.

We are witnessing the fall of fear. Fear is up to be loved, understood and its oppressive energies released. Every story, every major newscast is showcasing it.

It is not the midnight of our discontent It is our eleventh hour of grace where we change course and establish a world where enough is enough. Where we don’t need more so someone has less. Where we think about the whole in balance, without grabbing unnecessarily because we can. Where we see the illusions for what they are, where we stand together sharing our gifts and celebrating each other. Where we are kinder to each other than we were the day before, where love is brought to every situation and we allow a gentleness into the process of this new world we are entering together.

Where we create towers and walls and avoid transformation of our fear monsters we remain stuck in an old paradigm. Release all of it today. Gentle both, the old world and the new. Allow a grace to enter the conversation and allow actions to be loving and do not buy into someone’s blustering. Let the winds of change bring you to the center of your own inner power and light and stand up, take action, be love in a new way, today and everyday.

Lots of Love for the actions that lie ahead….

From a recent article

“How much damage Donald Trump’s presidency wreaks before it ends remains to be seen. Yet he himself is a transient phenomenon. To allow his pratfalls and shenanigans to divert attention from matters sure to persist when he finally departs the stage is to make a grievous error. It may well be that, as The Times insists, the truth is now more important than ever. If so, finding the truth requires looking in the right places and asking the right questions.”  Love demands that we delve deeply into and through the surface of what is seen into what is unseen and inquire and be willing to consider the possibility there is another way to look at the situation.

Read the whole article on the questions we can be asking instead of being distracted…

Are There Questions About US Foreign Policy We’re Forbidden to Ask?

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