Today is aday to remember the past. To enjoy a throwback Thursday in all its glory.

Here’s a moment from The Bare Melcessitities on Getting Bare in all its amazing wonderfullness and a little talk/reading of it from the Bodhi Tree.


Enjoy – Getting Bare. …

The soul knows where it belongs. Not some of the time. All of the time. When you strip everything away and get bare this fact sings.

In the deep interspection of belonging and faith and acceptance and honesty I found the intersection of my soul and my thinking unhampered by what I knew. Beyond feelings unhinged the truth. No matter how many lies others tell us or how many lies we tell ourselves. Truth is truth. In listening with an open heart, hearing is guaranteed.

It didn’t matter what path I chose, what form the exploration, just that I removed the blocks and kept myself open.  My life to date, the pain and wounds, joy, laughter and love I used as a roadmap of how to find my way back to the space that knows. That lives in eternal joy and peace.  That flourishes in a warm embrace.

There was no other way for me to find myself, return to my authentic self. Believe me. You’ve read the book. Heard my thoughts. I had tried every other way.  You may relate to the example, you may find yourself in a similar place… Blown so far from home you don’t even know how to get back like Dorothy at the end of The Wizard of Oz when she says “Why didn’t you tell me all I needed to do was click my heals three times to go home?” to which the Good Witch responds “You never would have believed me.”  I remember thinking as a kid, “Mother F-er … Would have been good to know.”

How much easier would life be if we skipped the drama and those harried flying rabid attack monkeys?

You can choose to see things differently and take any light bulb moment of truth to change the story you’ve created. To get help. To share yourself. To move from fear to love, from insecure to joyful. You can choose in this moment to open yourself up to the possibility of being happier today than you were yesterday, to be the change necessary so you are delivered from whatever your current circumstance into peace and Love. Simply by choosing to be awake.

Believe it.

The hardest thing in all of this was for me to forgive myself and not be ashamed of how long I had forgotten who I was.  As I write this, forgiveness has been understood and accepted and feels like it made the “journey (without distance) from my head to my heart.” Notice I said without distance, not without resistance. I get that it might be upsetting to remember that the universe has it covered. I get that people may trigger me.  Now I know I don’t need to run around and around the yellow brick road.  No matter what comes my way I will always have access to my center, (and when I need help to remember — I have it) The one constant in all of it that remains. The sole survivor. Me.

In talking to reporters when Walt Disney opened Disney Land he shared, “It’s something that will never be finished, something I can keep developing and adding to. It will get more beautiful every year. And it will get better as I find out what the public likes.”  The happiest place on earth was built on the spirit of work in progress where adventure unfolded and imagination flourished and the never ending process was cherished. I have faith in the beautiful process like I have faith in the seasons and the suns fall and rise.

So many things revealed themselves when I was willing to open my eyes and see.  Truly see.  I thought oneness was something you visited and had to return to the hell of separation.  Now I know the prison and separation of the past is not where I live.  I killed my masked Mel to reveal my truth. I stand today adrift no more. Rooted into who and how I am. Born again in each moment. I remember the truth. True love is a natural state of being. A state wholly free.  A meeting place of creation.

I live that truth of myself.



With life

With my friends

With my family

With my work

With my being

A life fully known

Fully lived



Free to frolic

Free to be

Instant. By. Instant. 


Into my heart space

In which spirit is at home 

A home that is deeper

Than the one I see with my naked eye

Shifting to those energies of the soul

To where the still small voice echoes…


“Be quiet and listen.” 


Release the past. The future has no business today and be willing to have the truth, your truth Lovingly blossom.

You owe it to yourself. You owe it to the planet.

Live in the light of all that you can be and remember…

The beauty of a lifetime 

The beingness of Love ever creating and expanding possibility

Risks nothing

Owns everything

Leads the way

Into that water of your brilliant being

Fully alive

In Love’s fullest peace 

In a moment of grace

You can give yourself

By staying open.

Knowing the oneness of now brought me exactly where I needed to be.


I had fallen in love. With myself. All of me.

Melting through my being in the light of Love.

I moved in.

When you can Love everyone (including yourself) there is nothing that is not possible.



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May love surround you and work through you. May you offer your heart to the service of love. May you find peace today and everyday. May blessings and peace flourish in your presence.

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