Flight of the Soul

My best friend is Jewish.  She was raised in a community in Diamond Bar California with a Dad who was superintendent of LAUSD.

When her five year old daughter asked me at a Diner “Is Santa Real?”  My inner Christian froze, a million thoughts went through my head, her Dad is a bit orthodox, they are not super Christmas-ers, God knows I don’t like to lie, and who am I to answer this question.  Whatever was going on in my brain, my heart knew what to say.  “I’m going to write Santa a letter, right now.”

Excitedly, she bounced with Glee, “I want to write one too!”

I didn’t need to tell her anything, her heart knows that Santa lives in our hearts ever available for us to talk to, he is as real as our imagination tangible and intangible, always on call to listen to what our dreams are.

Christmas is the time of year that divine light broke through human consciousness to reveal love and possibilities.  The idea of light being born in complete immaculate space of union with the intersection of humanity and that which is the bridge to other conscious realms. It is an intersection to infinite joy and grace.

Enjoy the holidays and the messages and the symbols and the love flows in your heart no matter what is happening. Today is a day to remember Santa Claus is real, he represents wishes and dreams that live in your heart that want to be born. Gifts given and received and cherished.

Lots of Love,





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