Flight of the Soul

Loving thought in the world creates space for unlimited possibilities.  

That energy of love’s purest grace is made manifest through our soul’s code working in concert with our nature.  How we cultivate this powerful force of our being relates the ease at which we move through the world lending our imprint. Cultivating love in action is a practice like anything else of inspiring the leading edge of loving presence where miracles occur naturally.

Commit to be loving to yourself with each step forward, shift your thinking with love, and don’t

stop until the miraculous unfolding beyond fear blossoms. Take responsibility
for the joy that is possible in your heart space. Take today to make a commitment to loving.

Here’s to life, to dreamers, and their dreams… to love and its many splendored days.
Make your life an emblem of beauty. Standing for what is Loving, allowing any action that is necessary to rise up. Never forgetting the highest space of possibility. Remaining centered, so when adversity strikes, when you are irritated, when getting knocked down or stumbling awkwardly when your intention was to soar you know Love takes it all in stride allowing us as Dorothy Fields wrote to “take a deep breath, brush ourselves off and start all
over again.”
There is nothing more powerful than loving thought to confront what the day brings forward.  Go forward and be all that you can be aligned with the truth of who you are.
Lots of Love, Melanie
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