Flight of the Soul

Love is the wake up call of the moment. This is the destiny of this expression of humanity. This is the way that we understand our destiny to love and be loved. 

The mechanism of love, those internal gears that are developed over time and in the
flow of our life as we practice the discipline of love as a way of being brings us into the center of our divinity.

 When we love in the deepest knowing of our soul it is without attachment. It is without leaving our center.  It is the completeness of the inside job. It is being love.  This is what we come to understand and grow through in a practice of Love. Hate is merely an insight into what we love, that is all. From ACIM – What hatred has released to love becomes the brightest light in Heaven’s radiance. And all the lights in Heaven brighter grow, in gratitude for what has been restored. Your footprints lighten up the world, for where you walk forgiveness gladly goes with you.  
There are many ways to practice the discipline of love. It isn’t important what or how you practice just that you do.
 “For it matters not
how small the beginning may seem to be,
what is once well done is done forever.” 
Henry David Thoreau
Do not get tripped up by the use of God or Jesus or Allah or any language, word, symbol in general that seeks to create a separation between us.  We are they.  There is no separation. 
Love exists to see past form and stay completely in content. and our oneness. In loving others we are loving ourselves.
Feel the bliss of your life.

No matter what the circumstance.
“On the wings of love, only the two of us together flying high. Flying high upon the wings of love.”

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