Flight of the Soul

Today marks the day of when power blossoms in your heart.  Today we celebrate how powerful we are. Today we make a mark in our constitution that we are powerful beyond measure.  Today we say “I AM POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE.”

Now that I have your attention.  Today also marks the day Empowered Life Productions releases a collection from a cross section of super AMP woman entitled The Power of Being a Woman available now on Amazon.  Today would be a good day to  purchase the book and be inspired and gain in wisdom and share in the experiences of the collective feminine voice to ROAR.

However you arrive at reclaiming the power that lies within, however you share the truth of your being and release the quiet super power of your heart into the world, today we celebrate you.  We celebrate all of you.

Never more so has it been so important for us to rise up and remember with grace and love and compassion we are super powers, as women, as global citizens and as leaders in our households and communities.  Today is the day we embrace all of our gifts and give all of our hearts to loving action.  Today we take the step we need to take and today we live in the harmony of the truth.  “We are powerful beyond measure.”

Today we draw a line in the sand and say, ‘No more, will I be held a passive participant in inaction.’  Today I will quite simply grow up, answering the call of my being to wake up the nourishing spirit of my birthright and get shiiiiiite done that needs to be done.

Like one of my idols shared ‘If there were more people who did, there would be less to be done.”

Today we have the opportunity to be inspired by the women of The Power of Being a Woman.  Take their lead and join in the fun.



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