Flight of the Soul

Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere my lover stands on and watches the ships that go sailing.

Somewhere beyond the sea, she is there watching for me.

If I could fly like birds on high,

it’s far beyond the stars


Enjoy this Flight of the Soul note to take loving action.  Dr. Jamie Turndorf, PHD. writes of our relationships that transcend the physical world In her work Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased.   We are always connected in the heart and all our deepest expressions of love are embodied in an eternal present available in this moment and the next.

When connection and love live on, fear is banished and relationships can grow and heal as never before. Begin opening your mind and your heart today!

Take a moment to embody the way your heart connects to the past and the present and the future and the miracles of our relationships beyond the body. Life has a magnificent way of reminding us love is ever present and our beloveds are with us, as are our angels and inner counselors and players and brothers in our interconnected webs of reality.

Life is a miracle.  Head beyond the beyond of the physical and experience a new reality of the heart.  Love into and through your heart and open into a vision of the world where light flows.

If you have a chance to check out Dr. Jamie’s work or whatever connection creates peace in your heart, now is the time to experience the grace of support.

Reconnect and enjoy all your relationships in peace and love.

Lots of Love, Mel


Love Never Dies Dr. Jamie Turndorf

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