When you feel you can’t go on.  It is a great to stop and say  — play on.  Let whatever it is play on.   There is a moment of freedom in taking a wonderful deep releasing breath out and relax for beat entering into a new stream of possibility.  Life is achieved in the opening within a stretch in the space beyond the reality of wha seems to be driving you crazy.  Step up and Into this moment.  As you feel the breath leave your body emptying you to the next breath hear what wants to be performed listen with love in these gaps to take action Loving leads you home.

Every.  Time.

It doesn’t matter what label, what distinction what categorization, what separation, love is the same.  Love is powerful and is always to be trusted.

Develop Your Edge Expand and Integrate.  Release your story, have faith in your inner wisdom.

Whatever happens, allow there to be a center of great understanding within.


Acting out the ego patterns of needing it to be different, unhappily perpetuates the very blocks to being and loving which they were devised to protect from or compensate for. They paradoxically bring about the death of relationships or the annihilation of individuality.

Resolution of the conflicts of the power pivot beyond dependency bring the individual to a new and enviable level of relating. In the recognition and valuing of the real self and the real other lies the potential for mature loving which ultimately enhances one’s capacity to be.

The life of any given individual has its own internal organization and consistency. What may appear irrational comes to make sense when it is viewed within the context of one’s entire life, particularly the earliest years.

They cannot always be counted on realistically to lend themselves to the service of the extended self-examination and self-discovery that goes with the process of change. They cannot always be expected to bear the burden of the ups and downs of one’s feelings, of the preoccupation with one’s self and psyche, or of the need for patience and forbearance as one tries and retires new attitudes and behavior.

You are all you have therefore, make yourself the most beautiful, tender, wonderful, fantastic person in the world. And then you will always survive.

Reminds me of this Excerpt from Medea

The Oracle comes to Medea and says….

‘Medea, what is left? everything is destroyed, everything is gone….’ Medea says ‘what is left…there is me. what do you mean what is left…everything is left… I am left.’

When we recognize this importance of you again returning to a respect for you, a love of you, and realizing all things come from you, then you can give to others.


Be loved through it all with reassurance and support that stands as a testament to you most wonderful inner self, deep in your own wisdom on fire with the flames of grace and completing every step necessary to remember your own inner tahiti.Butterfly

Good affirmation.

I love

I am enough

I hold myself dear

I am smart enough

I am assured enough to take care of myself

My ego doesn’t need to be stroked

My actions when pure are more than enough to feel the strength.

of love’s miracle, available in each moment.

I love myself.
You being you is enough!!

You are loveable

You don’t need to do anything

You being you is enough!!!

I notice you

You are lovable

You don’t need to do anything

You being you is enough.

Have a wonderful one!


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