Flight of the Soul

“Get ready for a hurricane!”  The butterfly effect – one butterfly flapping its wings can cause a hurricane. Like one single act of kindness encourages other’s to do the same.
“Get a whole lot of butterflies to flap there wings in the direction of kindness and you change the world.”
Link to the video/article on Chris Rosati working to make a difference in his community and how each act of kindness ROARS across the planet.

There is no greater ‪joy than discovering the thrill of the soul in giving as receiving.  Get out there and do something loving in a courageous act of kindness today and everyday and watch your world completely unfold in so many miraculous and loving ways.

AMP Experience is working with community groups, non-profits and alliances for loving change to AMPLIFY things that matter.

Please reach out at to get involved and get your Angel Assignment!

In the meantime, here’s a non-profit Dance Company full of Dancing Heart activists I support that are doing the work of the Angels in addressing social justice through Movement to Change the World.

Critical Mass Dance Company

For further reading on the ways we need to work together check out Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything. Beautiful Solutions…

Find your own way to give back or join us here at Flight of the Soul … Lots of Love, Mel


Give Back program Melanie Lutz


Giving can be as simple as a note of gratitude to someone you have never met who showcased a kindness.  In gratitude for all that you have, take a beat and think about what you might be able to give right now.  Allow the spirit to move you and have fun!

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