You’ve got to give a little,

take a little, and let your poor heart break a little.

That’s the story of, that’s the glory of love.

That’s the story of, that’s the glory of love. 

Love works in so many powerful ways through the doorway of an open heart.  Today is a day to remember the glory of Love in all its facets and all its possibilities. Put a smile in your heart and open the door today to more and more miracles.

May Love Land in the deepest spaces of your truest self and may the lightest touch of peace awaken all to your call.

Mel's Love Land Pledge For the Next 100 Days Day One (The Glory of Love) Melanie LutzTake Mel’s LoveLand pledge….

For the #Next100 Days I am going to consider the possibility there is another way. Enter the sacredness of your truest home, that space where love and forgiveness meets an open heart becoming a soulful force of nature.

Become today someone who is full and rich and free of the past judgments and dramas and struggles.

Mel’s Love Land’s DAY TWO #NEXT100 (Day ) THE GLORY OF LOVE for more information and to sign up check out all systems love #Love #Inspiration #Movement #Next100 #LoveLand #allsystemslove

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