Flight of the Soul

Sometimes we need to get out of our current environment and see the world with new eyes. A few years ago a beautiful friend of mine filled up a suitcase with medical supplies, food and everything she could stuff into a carry on and headed to Africa to distribute what she could to those in need. She understood that these suitcases could not contain enough to help everyone but it was what she could do and she set off.

Very quickly everything she brought to the country was shared and she was left with the feeling there was so much more she could give. With her heart open she continued her trip into the refugee camps and traveled the country, as she saw the conditions and the kids and the spaces that opened up before her she wanted to do more, when she met a young woman in need of an operation an idea grew in her heart. I may not know how to perform surgery but I have friends who have friends who do and I can ask for help and we can save this young girls life.

This one act of faith turned into the Strongheart Fellowship Program and Strongheart House.

God works through us as when we are in action with love.

To find out more, contribute in some way or volunteer — check out.

The Strongheart Fellows Program is a groundbreaking healing and learning residential program designed to help bright, resilient young people from extremely challenging circumstances around the globe develop into compassionate problem-solvers, influencers, and advocates that can affect significant social change.


Lots of Love,


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