Each day I wake up on a couch in a living room on Alfred Street off of Melrose place in Los Angeles I remember the truth. Today is a new day where anything can happen, I have no attachments to anything because I have nothing. I have given everything away. Each moment is a gift and life is a miraculous adventure.

How I got here I know. I heard a voice that said “Get back to the bare necessities. The simple bare necessities” and I listened. This became my mantra of getting bare and naked and completely unashamed to who I am in a practice of loving myself and lead me to writing my first book The Bare Melcessities: Walking Out. Waking Up. Getting Bare.

What it all means unfolds daily. And why it has led me where I am is not worth asking. I am in the process of discovering my life in each moment. I am in the process of allowing what needs to, to flow through me. I am here. In each moment. Nothing more is required.

When I am in the discipline of remembering this. All is well. I am taken care of. I am held. I am loved.

I want to say that this discipline is easy, that it is without pain, that my days are not wrought with the emotions that lead me to decisions that kept me imprisoned with limited thinking and vision, but, that isn’t the case.  I am human in this world of souls and spirit and energy existing together. I have feelings that ebb and flow in my body, that overwhelm my nervous system that swamp my heart and feed my brain information that isn’t true.

What I can say is I have learned to exist and move through that which I thought I could not handle. I can show up and say what is in my heart. I am in touch with my emotions but they do not (completely) rule my decisions. When I am tempted into a display of my ego, my hurts, my feelings by acting from them instead of the center of my knowing. I stop. I take a breath and when I need to… I walk away.  I do nothing until I can feel free of the grip of these demons and devils and gremlins that exist in my ecosystem but are definitely not who I am.

It is an honor to participate in these escalating realities as truth unveils the perfection of every activity, in full action with what my destiny calls forth. I am open to what needs to be born and I am able to move through the bliss and joy and the deeply abysmal emotions and fears and walls and structures and mazes knowing I am completely where I am supposed to be, knowing going backwards is the same as going forward, knowing being hurt is the same as being loved, knowing I exist here and forever and who I am will never change even though I change in each moment, remembering while I have physically lost people I love dearly I am completely connected to them and their essence and I am in complete joy and happiness at this understanding that has become knowledge because I have taken the time to be in a practice of connecting to myself with love.

Do I want things. Absolutely. Do I express these wants. Yes. Do I experience what these wants will feel like when revealed. Absolutely.



My wanting has shifted from the self hatred of needing it to look a certain way or come from a particular person and has moved into full surrender knowing God, the universe and a force of love so much greater than any thought or want I could have is in action and developing the most perfect expression of delivery of that which is my greatest unfolding, and most highest season of radiance and richness for the benefit of me and those around me.

What now (and finally) fuels my being is the wanting to be in service to what that universal energy is expressing through me, that power that we call god, that we understand in the days of our lives as the emergent force of full magnificence that creates life and has seasons and spins the earth and cycles the solar system that knows in the tiniest cell within the code of our DNA the wholeness of the singularity of each human exists. That we can become and live and love through this tiny code that vibrates creating the whole of an expression and the miracle of living.

Each moment the entirety and the individual.

Each moment everything you will ever need to be complete and whole and healed is available.

This is a time when we are recognizing that one of us means all of us. When reminding a brother who they are is as critical as remembering it ourselves. When taking that personal action of righteousness is totally the way to freedom.

I am proud to join with Beliefnet.com in providing insights, hope, possibility, openings and most importantly a collective spirit of community in which we can transcend that which is beyond our sight having faith in everything necessary to achieve personal transformation, which person by person, will bring about the internal change necessary to transform our planet into a place where the promise of peace on earth is achieved as we join together transcending our beliefs and becoming akin to the truth that never changes. The truth of ourselves in a practice of humanity.

Life is a grand adventure. It is a wondrous place where curiosity rules, where everything unfolds in its time and place and all of it is under the control of a force as great and powerful as the breath that flows through our lungs to sustain us and nourish our needs and fuel our body with oxygen.

Let’s make a commitment to helping others by remembering who we are and by being as loving to our self as we can and watch what opens up. Watch the past loosen, as the presence of each moment becomes free-er and free-er and the future is unburdened by our thinking.

My circumstances will change. There will be ups and downs. I remember. I have everything I need and each moment brings me untold happiness and I am in full connection to my breath and this moment and my environment and my being.

I am happy. I enjoy what I have and I don’t worry about what I don’t. I celebrate each experience. I know how to wake up completely naked and unashamed of the story of my life opening to new unlimited possibility.



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