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previous posts Will we wake up. Will we be in our power Will we hear the  lessons Will we listen now and forever to the clarity of our purpose the depths of our being and the grace of our giving Will we. We will Uplift today and tomorrow all that will be. It is our time […] Consider the possibility there is another way and let’s imagine anew. For Peace For Love For Life… Hope you enjoyed Mels Love Land: “LIFE” trailer ft. MAESA singing the Navajo Prayer by Jody Healy. Let our days be a joyful demonstration of our inner connection, power and peace. May a renaissance flow in on […] Take a moment to go inward, opening to a vision of your life as yet unexperienced, a vision for something born of pure wisdom of one who knows nothing, a vision that awaits the simple, quiet act of becoming absolutely still in the complete presence of love. Seek only to find perfect stillness, remaining in quiet gratitude. […] Incubate your deepest desires by connecting to your chi, your life force, your essential nature and allow the dreams as the wishes of the heart to be nourished. There are many ways to connect to your Qi, Chi, energy, life force. Whatever the practice that feels nourishing for you, it is always a good […]