Fellowship of Saints and Sinners

Single motherhood for the next nine months — with my hubby traveling back and forth to Washington, D.C., thanks to a National Endowment of Humanities (NEH) research fellowship there — may reduce my presence here at this intersection. But I’m hoping to show up at least once a week. I hope you will, too. Here’s what to look for in the next several days at this intersection between life and God for all sinners and saints, converted, unconverted or under conversion:

  • Depression, Suicide and What Every Family Affected by The Leading Cause of Disability Worldwide Needs to Know Inspired by the recent suicide of a young man in a faith community I was once intimately part of, this was a hard piece to write; but September is “National Suicide Prevention Month,” and this local tragedy hit too close to home for me not to say anything, even if it required some vulnerability.
  • Is Your Gospel Too Small? Some insightful meditations from Bruce Strom of Gospel Justice Initiative, an organization whose board I recently joined and that is doing God’s work serving the spiritual and legal needs of America’s poor.

Another big “thank you” to saint and sinner Br. Mark for sharing his reflections with us. Coincidentally, the latest cover story of the Atlantic features some challenging reflections on the prison system as it pertains to racism and black America. (If you subscribe to that magazine, his reflections are worth a read.)

Here’s a catchy tune I heard this morning from the eccentric British virtual band Gorillaz. It’s an oldie by some musical standards, having been around for five years, but it’s nice company this morning as I write away. And I’m digging the uniforms in this video of their live performance on Letterman four years ago.

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