Fellowship of Saints and Sinners

Those of you incensed, intrigued or yelling “Amens” to my recent post on new gun legislation in my state of Georgia, may be interested to read this wonderful post from John Piper.  (I’m glad to know John and I probably agree on more than we disagree on.)  In the absence of many biblically and theologically grounded reflections on the issue of guns, gun ownership and gun regulations—fellow saint and sinner Dan will be penning some soon—how’s this for starters, a la Piper? “Those who live by the gun will die by the gun.”  Jesus’ own words in Matthew 26 regarding swords could just as well pertain to this age’s favorite weapon of choice.

Incidentally, an interesting side note: I was intrigued to learn that Jim Eliot and the missionaries Piper speaks of in this post were actually affiliated with the church Dan pastors (Huntingdon Valley Presbyterian in the greater Philadelphia area).

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