If you’re just tuning in here at this intersection between life and God, I’m glad you’ve come. And I hope you’ll come back.

You may not know that my newly released book Grace Sticks is now available at a 40% discount on my publisher’s website (www.wipfandstock.com) as part of a limited time offer. For only $11 and some loose change, you can buy a copy of my book while supporting a great cause: all author proceeds from the first 1,000 copies sold will help girls go to school in areas of the world where they’re denied an education because of their gender, thanks to the work of The Malala Fund.

To get the discount:

1. Go to the Wipf and Stock website (www.wipfandstock.com).

2. Enter the title Grace Sticks in the search function.

3. When you make your purchase, just type in the following coupon: GRACE.

It’s as simple as that.

Wondering why Malala rocks and why I’m supporting her cause in my own little way? Here are 12 reasons.

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