I’ve been looking at YouTubes of King’s famous speech the night before he was killed — 40 years ago today. The speech is featured in my new book on Moses in America because of King’s famous references that he’d been the mountaintop and seen the Promised Land but might not make it there himself. You can see clips of him speaking and hear excerpts of the beginning of the speech all over the Internet, especially when King talks about preferring to live in America in the 1960’s over the Sinai of the Israelites or any other era in history. But this section contains the moving passages at the end of the talk, which ended with his falling into the arms of Ralph Abernathy, Samuel “Billy” Kyles and others on the pulpit. Kyles and Andy Young both gave me wonderful accounts of King’s last hours which are described in full in my book.Skip past the opening shots of the anchor in this clip to hear King in his own words.

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