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This detail from my reading pile. All NPR lovers have heard of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. They also fund the famed “genius” grants every year. But a new book, Eccentric Billionaire, focuses on their odd life. …Read More

For those of you lucky enough to get some. Here are some things to do with your leftovers.Hat tip: A certain Passover-hating friend.

Buried in a NYT story about Passover, this statistic. According to Lubicom, a marketing firm for the kosher food industry, about 350,000 households in the United States keep kosher kitchens year-round, a number that has gone up by 3 percent …Read More

The Bread and Mammon crowd, which is to say those who like to expalin American behavior with biblical precedents, should love this. We are once more defying the Bible. As the AP reports, “The two biggest U.S. warehouse retail chains …Read More

It’s a fact! Both the NYT and the L.A. Daily News have now run breathless stories about the Plight of the Missing Matzahs (insert your own spelling here; a brief search of the NYT website finds three different spellings of …Read More

Say what you will about the Tibet protestors, but as an act of brand warfare — tarnishing one of the most carefully cultivated worldwide brands ever created — they’ve done a masterful job. They’ve now got the torch cowering inside …Read More

No, but Harry Potter may be. Harris Interactive has released results of its Favorite Book of 2008. While The Bible is number one among each of the different demographic groups, there is a large difference in the number two favorite …Read More

A friend and loyal reader of Feiler Faster sent along this email this morning: Even I, who thinks religion can’t sink much lower, had a hard time with this one…there’s a toy store [in Brooklyn] that’s on our way to …Read More

I’ve been looking at YouTubes of King’s famous speech the night before he was killed — 40 years ago today. The speech is featured in my new book on Moses in America because of King’s famous references that he’d been …Read More

I was looking at a Merriam-Webster dictionary on Amazon and came across this comment from a parent. Christian parents should know that this dictionary has only a generic, small case listing for “god” while listing “Allah” as a specific entity. …Read More