I think, on reflection, that the debate was really good for both of them, a win-win situation. She seemed warm and relaxed, with none of the craibbiness or Clintonian calculation and stink to her (with the exception of those rambling Iraq and Levin amendment answers). He seemed poised and, for the first time in a debate, presidential. And I really believe that the long answers helped him, because also for the first time in a debate he could answer the direct question and then pivot to give his larger theme. Never was able to do that before. And he was affable and cordial to her, putting a pause to that rude and arrogant storyline. Seems she was coasting into Feb. 5 and he was confident he could live to fight another week. Fascinating dynamic and great for Dem party as the feud seemed to fade — that is, until one of them has to concede without actually having lost. That will be tough for either side.

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