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February 2008 Archives

Ben Smith points to an interview with the designer Michael Beirut about the candidate’s “branding,” elements of which are a nice metaphor for the general consistency of his message: He’s the first candidate, actually, who’s had a coherent, top-to-bottom, 360-degree …Read More

My friend Whitney Tilson was kind enough to make a YouTube of my appearance on CNN discussing the new Pew study on religion in America. It may be a tad slow, and the sound may be out of sync, but …Read More

A landmark Pew study on religion was released today and is being discussed far and wide. A couple things leap out of it to me that may have been downplayed elsewhere. 1. Religion is a very competitive marketplace. One in …Read More

What we can expect if this gets to the Pennsylvania primary: The race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination continues to heat up — but in one Montgomery County, Pa. household, the debate turned violent. Prosecutors …Read More

Central Maine caucuses for WALKING THE BIBLE on Thursday nights. Central Mainers can “visit” the Holy Land while discussing “Walking The Bible,” by journalist Bruce Feiler, at St. Matthew’s Intersection Book Club beginning Thursday, Feb. 7. Sessions will also include …Read More

The chatter about Obama and the Jews is likely to increase as the nomination fights heads into the final weeks. Josh Marshall reviews a number of the charges here (with more in his piece.) Here’s one: If things continue on …Read More

Why are Catholics supporting Hillary in greater numbers, and why aren’t more people talking about it? If the Catechism Gap is real, this could be a problem for Obama going into the Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries. Both states are culturally …Read More

A blogger reflects. I have to admit I’ve never really LIKED this particular season, Lent. It has always seemed so gloomy. I don’t like morose approaches to faith and life in general. One of my colleagues said to me light-heartedly …Read More

Where is the nuclear weapon off the coast of Georgia? In the 50 years since a nuclear weapon splashed into Wassaw Sound, it has become a local legend, a 7,600-pound good ol’ bomb that has dodged all efforts to detect …Read More

USA Today did a piece this week on all the books coming out now about religion in politics. It features a write-up of Beliefnet overlord Steve Waldman and my fellow blogger Jim Wallis. Obviously all of these books were timed …Read More