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A friend sent along this email tonight that seemed worth sharing: February 3, 2008 will mark the 49th anniversary of Buddy Holly’s untimely death near the Mason City ,Iowa airport….I mark the day every year and often e mail my […]

A debate suddenly renewed on its 500th anniversary. The world’s great museums are awash in Michelangelo drawings: the consensus among Anglo-American and Italian scholars is that there are around 800 in existence, including those of the Risen Christ and the […]

Barack Obama to the Christian Broadcast Network today on the robo-calls and emails that kept repeating his name as Barack Hussein Obama and saying he was a Muslim: This is obviously a systematic political strategy by somebody because these e-mails […]

More evidence that Feiler Faster is slowly becoming the theme of yet another primary cycle. Momentum Mori: Fred Barnes joins those noting that “momentum” has run out of steam in 2008: The idea of momentum is that you generate support […]

Oh, the science-cause-the-Bible’s-miracles crowd is going to love this. A powerful volcano erupted under the icesheet of West Antarctica around 2,000 years ago and it might still be active today, a finding that prompts questions about ice loss from the […]

As the world markets wince, a startling view of the power of the U.S. economy. Source. [The full map may not appear on all screens, click on the link to see that the New Jersey economy is the size of […]

Is Muslim modest clothing the new killer app in track and field? A high school track star has been disqualified from a meet because officials said the custom-made outfit she wears to conform to her Muslim faith violated competition rules. […]

Beliefnet has become the go-to place for provocative, balanced, multi-faith points of view. Now they’re taking a survey. Cast your vote here.

And not a moment too soon. After losing out on a $1.5 million chair in Islamic studies last month, Temple University announced it has received a new gift from a local energy executive and former Catholic seminarian to fund a […]

Finally we are hearing talk about a truce in the battle over race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I don’t buy it, exactly. The Clinton folks have too much too gain by subtly pointing out that race still divides […]