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A friend sent along this email tonight that seemed worth sharing: February 3, 2008 will mark the 49th anniversary of Buddy Holly’s untimely death near the Mason City ,Iowa airport….I mark the day every year and often e mail my …Read More

A debate suddenly renewed on its 500th anniversary. The world’s great museums are awash in Michelangelo drawings: the consensus among Anglo-American and Italian scholars is that there are around 800 in existence, including those of the Risen Christ and the …Read More

Barack Obama to the Christian Broadcast Network today on the robo-calls and emails that kept repeating his name as Barack Hussein Obama and saying he was a Muslim: This is obviously a systematic political strategy by somebody because these e-mails …Read More

More evidence that Feiler Faster is slowly becoming the theme of yet another primary cycle. Momentum Mori: Fred Barnes joins those noting that “momentum” has run out of steam in 2008: The idea of momentum is that you generate support …Read More

Oh, the science-cause-the-Bible’s-miracles crowd is going to love this. A powerful volcano erupted under the icesheet of West Antarctica around 2,000 years ago and it might still be active today, a finding that prompts questions about ice loss from the …Read More

As the world markets wince, a startling view of the power of the U.S. economy. Source. [The full map may not appear on all screens, click on the link to see that the New Jersey economy is the size of …Read More

Is Muslim modest clothing the new killer app in track and field? A high school track star has been disqualified from a meet because officials said the custom-made outfit she wears to conform to her Muslim faith violated competition rules. …Read More

Beliefnet has become the go-to place for provocative, balanced, multi-faith points of view. Now they’re taking a survey. Cast your vote here.

And not a moment too soon. After losing out on a $1.5 million chair in Islamic studies last month, Temple University announced it has received a new gift from a local energy executive and former Catholic seminarian to fund a …Read More

Finally we are hearing talk about a truce in the battle over race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I don’t buy it, exactly. The Clinton folks have too much too gain by subtly pointing out that race still divides …Read More