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November 2007 Archives

Out with the Religious Loyalties Test, in with the Baseball one. Since everyone must define their loyalties these days, here goes: I was not born a Red Sox fan. My mother grew up in Baltimore, so I was an Orioles […]

From my experience, this article about tech for tots is dead-on. The Times says the hot toy items this year feature a screen and allow preschoolers to emulate their parents. Forget the toy phones, we want REAL phones Mom and […]

One of the tent poles of my new book about the influence of Moses in America is Lincoln’s speech about Gettysburg, in which he use the paradigm of the Exodus to talk about the birth, struggle, and rebirth of America, […]

I have enjoyed and recommended the books of the chief rabbi of England, Jonathan Sacks. I see today that he’s both on the offensive and defensive. On the offensive, attacking multiculturalism. Multiculturalism promotes segregation, stifles free speech and threatens liberal […]

The American press, predictably, is portraying the summit in Annapolis in strictly Bush v. Clinton terms. Clinton got engaged and failed, Bush is not getting engaged… and will also fail. It’s doomed to failure without outside pressure. I’m not sure […]

‘Twas the month before Christmas And all through the land The wacko cable air hogs Were showing their hand Some press releases are best shown in their entirety. If you’re sensitive to the sight of naken ambition, best not to […]

Just in time for Annapolis, a new coalition of liberal Jewish groups tries to reclaim grown long-since lost to the anti-peace crowd in Israel.

Archaeology among us. A wonderful idea for a book. Southern New Mexico is the site of some of America’s most spectacular ruins. Photographer Arthur Drooker traveled America for two years taking pictures of places like the Quarai Mission, which was […]

As someone who has traveled in biblical archaeology in recent years, last week’s mega-discovery of the cave where the she-wolf supposedly nursed Romulus and Remus in Rome pressed all my skepical buttons. The pattern in the Middle East over the […]

Now you, too, can look like a camel. I have long eyelashes. People have commented on them since I was a child. Every now and then people will actually stop me on the street and mention them. Or at least […]