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I’m scheduled to board a ship in Athens, Greece, this weekend and sail for Turkey, so I’ll be offline for a few days. In the meantime, here are some links to some fascinating pieces I’ve enjoyed recently. The first is …Read More

The WSJ opinion page explores how to get conservatives involved in interfaith relations. There is an assumption by commentators on the right and the left that as far as religion goes, it is liberals who work–and care to work–across faith …Read More

First step: Get enough paint. I’ve been on Remsen street three times in the last 24 hours at the site of yesterday’s random swastika painting. I’ve spoken to a number of people quite knowledgeable about the situation. Here’s what I …Read More

We’re in full preschool phase-in mode around here. Anyone with young children will recognize the game. Our two-year-olds had their first day of a two-day-a-week preschool a week ago today. For the first day the parents go and stay in …Read More

First thoughts while watching the extraordinary debate at Columbia today. Lee Bolinger gave a passionate, thoughtful introduction that was a mastery of deft put down. It will likely be viewed as a classic and I thought it was extremely well …Read More

A race for the gutter in Washington this week, as United States congressmen trip over themselves to stoke the flames of the religious wars. So a question: Who is a greater threat to America’s security, AIPAC, which Democratic Congressman Jim …Read More

The NYT jumps on genital mutiliation bandwagon, so to speak, with an article about how Egyptians are bonding together to fight so-called Female Genital Mutilation. This at the same time that a trial is underway in Washington State on the …Read More

Just when I thought the talk about circumcision might die down around here, along comes a lawsuit in Seattle: A convert to Judaism wants to circumcize his 12-year-old son, but the man’s estranged wife (the boy’s mother) is objecting. A …Read More

Genius website? Or big disappointment?

Or is it the media? Do we really need a report in every media outlet that Croc shoes can get caught in escalators and threaten the health of Western civilization? They’re plastic. They’re easily washable. They work. One of the …Read More