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The wonders of the blogosphere being what they are, a huge debate has erupted over at a post I made last week called “Steak Mate,” about women who eat meat to help catch a man. Here are some my favorites:

I think that if a woman starts eating steak in order to catch a man she is going to want to throw the man back in the ocean eventually. Men that focus solely on food are not really all that interested in you. And honey, when the chips are down and you’re feeling depressed or you’ve had a bad day he’s just gonna ask you what’s for dinner?
I agree that we should win a mans heart by being ourselves. However It is a known fact that sometimes we must work at winning the “prize” heart.. So yes most women will act different or but on a better face etc..and yes even eat Meat to Win the “prize” heart.. I know I would. And I did to win.. and I won. I would not eat liver but yes I’d eat a steak if that’s what it took
What’s the difference between eating a dead animal or a LIVE PLANT??? Vegetarians eating salads, it would seem to me, are in denial. They do eat theirs LIVE.

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