My older brother’s name is Andrew. My little sister’s name is Cari. My name, of course, is Bruce. Do a little figuring, and you can see that our names are alphabetical. It was accidental, having more to do with when various relatives passed and when they needed to be honored, but the joke around our house growing up was: “They named us like hurricanes.”
Well, it was hurricane season in Canada over the weekend with the rare set of identical quads. And, wisely, they named them in alphabetical order. At least the names don’t rhyme!

Karen, a slight 35-year-old woman with dark hair, was carrying a rare set of naturally-conceived quadruplets, a one-in-13-million event.
“They asked me over and over again, ‘Are you using fertility drugs?'” she says. “When they finally told us quadruplets, we were stunned.”
Some seven months later – at their first public appearance since the birth of their four daughters – the couple says they’re still overwhelmed by their new role as parents to quadruplets. And they’re surprised by all the attention being lavished on their family.
The Aug. 12 birth of Autumn, Brooke, Calissa and Dahlia Jepp has captured international headlines.
“We told the girls, ‘The whole world is abuzz over you,'” J.P., 37, told a press conference in Calgary on Tuesday.
Physicians say the babies, who were born at 31 weeks, are doing well, although they must remain in hospital for several weeks while they gain weight. Their weights at birth ranged between two pounds six ounces and two pounds 15 ounces.

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