A Fear of Whales
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In the last article I introduced the new problem of defending the historicity of Jesus the man. And spent time “setting the goalposts” in such a way that there will be no room for wiggling away from what the evidence …Read More

The answer is “Of course he did, don’t be silly” Nonetheless it’s become popular for semi-learned skeptics to deny even the historical existence of Jesus, just for fun. I say “just for fun” because it’s not important in their mind …Read More

Note: This is Part 4 is a series on Santa Clause. If you are reading through the archives you will want to Start with Part 1, and then read 2, and 3 before this one. In the last three posts …Read More

Today as I was unpacking my books to shelve them in my new home I came across an oddity. It was a 1,000 page full A+ Certification Guide for the “New and Updated” 1998 exam. A+, in case you don’t …Read More

As far as I’m concerned, when someone asks the question “do you believe in evolution?” there are two responses. If you do believe that the diversity of life on earth is the result of a hereditary process similar or identical …Read More