So I arrived in Chicago at about 8pm. The bus leaves for Madison at 6 am. For those of you who are bad at math that’s 8 hours I have to spend alone in downtown Chicago in the middle of the night.


I’ve been in Chi once before, on a cross country road trip with my dad, when I was 18. I can’t exactly say I “know the town” but that’s okay, I’m a city boy, this may not by my jungle but it’s a jungle all the same, and I can handle it.


First order of business is to get some real deep dish pizza.


Giordianos is highest rated on and only a couple blocks from here


Make sure you see the sears tower while you’re here, you wouldn’t want to miss it


…Of course it’s the tallest building in the states so to accomplish that you really just have to look up



Annnd then find a place to hole up for the night. Luckily that Express Bus was comfortable enough that I don’t need to sleep, that would be conspicuous. Still, should find someplace I can relax where I won’t stick out. Preferably somewhere with power and WiFi.


Luckily it’s not my first time being homeless for the night in an inner city. When this happened in LA I caught a Rail Line to Fuller Seminary and passed out in a lounge with my laptop open.


Say where’s University of Illinois?


This is just too easy!

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