Introduction Games are just a fact of life when you meet as many new people as regularly as I do. It seems like just about every month I’m in a new circle telling people my name rank and serial number, along with what my dream car is, or what major I had, or what my most embarrassing moment was.

Last time this happened we talked about super powers. “If you could have any super power what would you have?” which is actually a complicated question when you are a huge nerd like me. Most normal people are trying to choose between speed, strength, or invulnerability, but nerds know that the possibilities really are endless. In the X-Men continuity alone there are over 3000 Mutant Powers.

The nerd’s mind is also rife with useless information about the pitfalls of superpowers. Nerds know that light hitting your retina is what enables you to see, and so if you are invisible and light is going right through your eyes, scientifically speaking you should go blind, which would definitely not be worth it!

Well anyway I have officially settled the matter for all introduction circles about superpowers so that I don’t have to spend three hours thinking. I settled on multiplication, Like Multiple Man (pictured) which means the ability to copy myself in order to take every opportunity, even those that happen at the same time. To spend the time getting a Masters in philosophy and not miss out on the chance to go on mission in Zambia at the same time. Meanwhile another me might be in Tibet studying Kung Fu on a mountaintop so he could come back and merge back into the rest of us. Best of all, It has no obvious downsides.


Interestingly. I realized that this already what I do. I myself can only be in one place at a time, I can only leader one bible study or visit one church in any given moment. So I spend most of my time teaching other people to do it instead, and then letting them teach others who teach others. This is the way Jesus, who multiplied his ministry into 12 disciples saw those 12 to multiply and multiply until we saw little Christs in every nation of the world.

I might not be able to take every opportunity, but one of my multiples can get the pieces I miss. Pretty cool

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