Here’s the latest from the crossroads of faith, media & culture: 04/15/22

Slice of life. The faith-themed golf drama The Mulligan (based on the book The Mulligan: A Parable of Second Chances by Ken Blanchard and Wally Armstrong) arrives in theaters as the latest Fathom Event this Monday (4/18) and Tuesday (4/19). The film tells the story of successful businessman Paul McAlister (Eric Close) who is separated from his wife Carla (Alicia Fusting) and estranged from his son Jake (Andrew Brodeur). Despite his business accomplishments, Paul’s life could use a do-over  – or, as they say in golf-speak, a “mulligan.” That’s where Will Dunn (Pat Boone) comes in. AKA The Old Pro, the retired golfer helps Paul discover that God offers us “the ultimate mulligan.” My review of the movie follows the trailer.

IMHO: The problem with so many faith-based movies is that they are so on-the-nose that they fall into the sand trap of coming off as trite and even silly. The Mulligan certainly runs that risk – as it really wears its faith on its sleeve (the guy who needs the mulligan is actually named Paul) – but somehow its straightforward sincerity and, yes, biblical wisdom shines through to make its just over two-hour running time worth your time. Add to that the chemistry between Close and Boone (that also came through in my previous interview with them) and the film just somehow clicks. I mean I wouldn’t expect too many critical raves for it in the so-called mainstream media but if you’re in the market for a nice (yes, nice) movie with some simple lessons about rebounding from life’s mistakes and setbacks The Mulligan may be just what the doctor ordered.

Bottom line: The Mulligan is recommended.

BTW: I had a second conversation with Pat Boone about The Mulligan and other stuff which I’ll post on Monday.

Programming Alert: PRAY: The Story of Patrick Peyton will make its cable-TV premiere tomorrow (4/16) at 9:30 AM (ET) on UPtv. The award-winning documentary from Family Theater Productions focuses on the life of Venerable Patrick Peyton, a candidate for sainthood by the Vatican. BTW: You can find my interview with with Grant Fonda who scored the beautiful music for the film here.

Happy Easter, everybody!

Encourage one another and build each other up – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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